Recording Techniques to Last a Lifetime

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This seminar is geared to intermediate-level recording artists, engineer/producers and those interested in working in a real studio with a band and a critically lauded/commercially successful production team. During the seminar we will demonstrate and demystify techniques used to successfully set up, record and produce a great-sounding mix. From initial mic selection, placement of musicians in the room, and advance consideration for overdubs through the final mix, all attendees will be hands-on. Everyone will walk away as an exponentially more proficient, contributive and seasoned engineer/recording artist.

If you have questions about phase coherence, tape slap, buss compression, panning techniques, ambience, incorporating good room sound, preserving dynamics and, in general, presenting mixes that are palpable, this seminar is for you.


The seminar will begin with a meet and greet and studio tour. The first half of the day will be spent setting the session up. You will run cable, set up headphone mixes, get basic sounds for each instrument and troubleshoot. Microphone selection, signal flow and good sound will be the focus. There will be continuous instruction and Q & A from our staff.

During the second half of the day, we will work with the band, further develop sounds, and record the song. Our goal throughout this process is to be creative, flexible, energetic and innovative with the tools at hand, and get the job done right within the budgeted time.


Day 2 begins in the control room listening down to the previous day's recorded music and answering questions. The discussion may result in re-amping recorded elements or using effects to create additional soundscapes. We will demonstrate specific techniques used to produce impact, depth, and feeling in mix presentation. Aesthetic choices will be discussed and methods explained.

If you have ever been curious about the characters of classic compressors, we will conduct demonstrations. Urei LA-3A, Teletronix LA-2A, Neve 2254, Urei 1176, Empirical Labs Distressor etc. will be on hand.

We will also discuss and demonstrate the differing characters of various EQs using
API 550, Neve 1063, Pultec EQH-2, Summit EQP-200A and Calrec PQ-1253-8

After lunch, we will combine all elements and complete an album mix of our song. This will fade into refreshments, striking the gear, and conversation. The seminar will conclude between 7 and 8pm Sunday evening.

All attendees will get printed reference materials.

Limit 10 attendees per seminar

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